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Virtual Infrared COM Port for Windows 2000/XP

 Software   Current Version    Date 
 IrCOMM2k:   2.0.0-beta3  2004-12-12 
 · ircomm2k.sys  
 · irda2k.dll  
 · irda2k.sys  
 · irda2kdump.exe  
 · irdafw2k.sys  
 · irmon2k.exe  

IrCOMM2k is a driver for Windows 2000 and XP. It emulates a serial port which can be used to exchange data with mobile devices. For example, some cellular phones are able to act as modems or fax devices. PDAs with infrared interface can be synchronized with the PC.

Everyone is free to use and redistribute IrCOMM2k. Furthermore, the source code is available. IrCOMM2k is an Open Source project according to the terms of the GPL.




Project Maintainer Wanted - Developer(s) Wanted

During the last two years I spent a lot of my free time on creating and improving IrCOMM2k, answering user questions, and maintaining the website. The project is still not perfect (see presentation available from the download page for some desirable improvements), however, it seems that IrCOMM2k has almost reached a state which I had in mind when starting the development of version 2.

Now, as other projects I am involved in require more attention, I have to reduce the time spent on IrCOMM2k. Therefore I am now looking for someone willing to slowly take over parts or even the whole project maintenance. The most important tasks are:

  • tracking down bug reports
  • creating and releasing new versions or localisations
  • answering "support requests" (mail and forum)
  • maintaining the website content
  • improving the functionality (development)

If you are interested, please contact me.

PS: I almost forgot to mention that a quite significant new version is available from the download page!


A New Forum and a lot of Announcements

For some time now the old forum is inaccessable because its host domain is offline. I have now created a new forum at SourceForge.

Version 2.0.0-beta1 is under development. It is then intended to advance quickly to the final release. But already in its beta phase, it shall replace the old version 1. This almost just requires a new setup program which Timothy Gack is developing at the moment.

Together with the next release, the home page is going to be restructured. Dynamic content like releases or news will intensively use SourceForge's services to reduce maintenance expense. Albert Alcaine is currently working on the design.

And finally, I am a bit proud to announce that at this year's UKUUG Linux Conference there will also be a presentation about IrCOMM2k Version 2. The conference is going to take place from August 1st to August 3rd in Edinburgh - so, if someone wants to come around...


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Hi, I'm Tux!

Linux is making its way to more and more systems. This year it has even reached IrCOMM2k! And Tux is already doing his new job inside Windows very well. You can watch him when you download and install the latest 2.0.0-alpha version.

So, the next year will certainly bring the release of 2.0.0. This will mean full virtual COM port support for Windows 2000 and XP! No more problems with PSION handhelds, no more mysterious errors like 10055 (IrCOMM access conflicts), faster infrared connections and better diagnostic tools. Stay tuned for further news!

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Updated: 12.12.2004
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